Billy Koh

Location Beijing

CEO of Amusic Rights Management

Sound Mixer Record Producer Creative Director
25 Projects

Work History

Amusic Rights Management
Jan 2014 – Present
Amusic Rights Management Ltd (ARM) is a young international music company in the digital music era. Set up in Singapore and China, it is expanding to the regions with alliances from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, US & Europe. Founded by Billy Koh, one of the most instrumental and influential figures in the C-Pop, ARM aims to lift the music business model to a new level of the digital age. It is not a traditional music publisher nor a record label. It is a rights management business – publishing rights of the musical works and all other rights resulting from the reproduction of it. ARM groom and market potential artists and songwriters, new or on-the-road, to the next level of their career by engaging in the digital era of 21 century.
Ocean Butterflies International
Sep 2013 – Dec 2013
after serving as A&R Director for more than 20 years, Billy was elected by the Board of Directors to be the CEO of Ocean Butterflies International from 26 Sep of 2013. Billy quit CEO of Ocean Butterflies in 2014 to pursue his new business, Amusic Rights Management.
A&R Director
Ocean Butterflies International
Jan 2002 – Sep 2013
Billy Koh is one of the most instrumental and influential figures in Asia Chinese-Pop music industry. Founder & formal CEO of Ocean Butterflies, Billy has produced more than 200 albums and is credited for discovering and grooming many top artists in Asia, including Kit Chan, A-Do, JJ Lin & By2 who have many hits in Asia for the last decade.
Founding Director
1987 – 1989
Billy was the first few writer-members of Performing Rights Society (PRS) in Singapore. When PRS transformed to Composers' and Authors' Society of Singapore (COMPASS) in 1987, Billy became the Founding Director of COMPASS.


Mechanical Engineering
Singapore Polytechnic
7 'A's in GCE 'O' Level
River Valley High School