Bryden Lando

Location Los Angeles

Designer, Artist, Creative Director at Lando Design

Designer Creative Director Visual Artist
3 Projects

Work History

Designer/ Artist/ Creative Director
Lando Design
Jan 2013 – Present
Greater Los Angeles Area
Bryden Lando is a Los Angeles based artist, designer, and creative director. Since 2005, Lando has built, operated, and designed multiple premium clothing brands, as well as his own private label manufacturing business. Over the past six years, Lando has worked under his own boutique design company specializing in branding, consulting, creative direction, producing content, and more for an eclectic clientele. Throughout his career, lando has developed an unmistakable style and aesthetic which he brings to every new venture. Lando thrives on understanding the heart and soul of your project and filtering it through his unique kaleidoscope to create content that is original and true. With over fifteen years working in entertainment, art and fashion in los angeles lando has built an extensive network of makers and partners to collaborate with to scale the right size of any project.
Drones Clothing
Jun 2013 – Present
Greater Los Angeles Area
Drones Clothing is a limited capsule clothing collection designed and manufactured by Bryden Lando in Venice Beach, CA.