Clifford Wright

Location New York

Photographer/Film Director

Film Producer
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Work History

CEO - Business Development, Client and Consultant Relations
Wright Capital
Jun 2000 - Present
New York, NY
Hedge Fund/Private Equity Placement Agent-Third Party Marketing of alternative strategies to institutional investors. Current Series 65(7, 24 in the past). Seeding start up hedge funds and innovative emerging & minority managers. Pension fund advisor on macro algo quant alt strategies, white label software and overseeing social media/PR branding campaign's with Marketing360, Scorpion,, Outbrain native ads, newsletter/landing pages, infographics, video interviews, CPV PPV, Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, database platforms, Exactdata, MDD Standard & Poor's institutional database, Preqin, etc... Conference presentations. Investors include large US institutions, public and private pension funds, endowments, foundations, fund of hedge funds, gatekeeper consultants, European private banks, RIA's, insurance, brokerage platforms, and multi-family offices. Searching out capital appreciation focused asset managers with full transparency, uncorrelated absolute returns, liquidity, and stress test delineated limited risk. Knowledge of Alternative Investment, Risk Shell and ABC quant portfolio and fund of hedge fund analysis software. Intellectual Property(IP) analysis including the breakdown of the risk of the quantitative use of algorithms, portfolio rebalancing strategies, standard deviations, leverage, and underlying securities risk. Determining risk based on liquidity vs lockups. De-risking analysis-diversification, standard deviation, Monte Carlo simulations, Sharpe/Sortino ratios, probability analysis, due diligence. Rixtrema portfolio crash stress test models. 50 year cash flow model analysis predicting endowment withdrawals. Opera Reports. Explaining exposures and all aggregate statistics. Imagine Software for portfolio stress testing. Quantify Software and Risk Metrics software. VC angel investments in Art Luxe, VIPbuddi, Nanobiogen Pharmaceuticals, Revolution Management & Castings
Chief Investment Officer, CIO Multi-Family Office
CSM Monaco
Dec 1998 - Present
New York, NY
With Jean-Loup Barkats, CORPORATE SERVICE & MANAGEMENT-Compagnie Societe de Monegasque, a former director of American Express bank Monte-Carlo, we work as Co-CIO's. A global multi-family portfolio manager and introducing broker including the Kamouna family(great nephew of the prime minister of Iraq) and numerous others. Formerly life insurance licensed for Private Placement Life Insurance working with big-name private client law and CPA firm's on trust legal documents and complicated legal offshore estate planning. For affluent investors it’s really about what they walk away with after tax, not necessarily how much they earn. While some hedge funds might produce above average returns, their investment strategy may possibly be very tax-inefficient. A highly effective way to mitigate taxes is to use private placement life insurance (PPLI). Tax planning makes it possible for a hedge fund investor to capture returns tax-free. Investment options can be tailored to a high-end client’s needs and the cost of insurance per dollar of coverage is much reduced. Variable universal life insurance policies that provides cash value appreciation based on a segregated investment account with a life insurance benefit. A boutique offshore advanced wealthy family’s investment strategy and tax planning firm -risk analysis, asset allocation, alternative investments and complicated domicile tax strategies. Offshore deferrals for a hedge fund manager or a large bonus for an executive or business owner, private placement life insurance, in conjunction with a charitable lead annuity trust, can offset the tax while supporting charities, including private foundations. The cash value appreciation and insurance coverage can also escape gift, estate tax and creditor protection. PPLI is income tax efficient with tax-free access to the policy cash values.
Sr. Managing director, Institutional Sales
Global Equities / First Manhattan
Jun 1999 - Mar 2012
Paris Area, France
Third Party Marketer/placement agent/broker of stocks/institutional hedge funds to banks, insurance companies and asset managers based in Luxembourg and Scandinavia. Introducing broker to Merrill Lynch Paris, France. Multi-Family office/Luxembourg Banks capital introduction from the Piech/Porsche, Liechtenstein, Pahlavi families, and numerous $500 million plus European family offices eventually accumulating $1 billion under management.
Equity Analyst and Family Office Financial Adviser
NationsBank NA / Citizens & Southern Bank / Amerivest Financial Services Inc.
Jan 1997 - Mar 1999
Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida Area
Financial Adviser to High Net Worth Individuals and Family Offices with assets at 8 different bank branches in the Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida area from a network of branches with over $1.8 billion dollars AUM-all under my sole control. At Amerivest Financial, as a registered principal(series 24, 7), managed institutional fund raising by myself and a team of 12 Registered Representative asset gathers for Private Equity Underwriting and Alternative Investment Management with the General Partner the Hunt/Wiesenberg family for natural gas drilling based in Texas and lodge pole oil in North Dakota. Raised $10 million a month. We strived to create value by investing in great businesses where our capital, strategic insight, global relationships and operational support can drive transformation that unlocks the company’s potential. In addition to benefiting our investors, the improvements in growth and global competitiveness benefit workers, communities and other stakeholders. We were patient investors who practiced the art of the long view, and were committed to achieving the best long-term outcomes for our businesses and our investors.
Family Office Equity Sales & Trading
Merrill Lynch
Mar 1995 - Mar 1997
Greater New York City Area
Merrill Lynch Princeton Campus training program-became series 7, series 24 licensed. Later introducing broker for Merrill Lynch Paris, France family office consulting with Rajiv Puri raising capital from the Piech/Porsche family, Liechtenstein family, Pahlavi family, numerous $300 million plus European family offices eventually accumulating $1 billion under management.
Bond Sales and Trading for Multi-Family Offices
Drexel Burnham Lambert
Jan 1995 - Mar 1995
Beverly Hills, California
Not exactly the correct dates-just in case some pretty girls are checking out my birthday! I am forever single! ;) Worked for Lewis Kearys' selling high yield subordinated debenture bonds and municipal bonds. Any material or representations found in this profile does not represent an offer or a solicitation for advisory services under any conditions or a security in any state/jurisdiction of the United States or any country where the product is not registered, noticed filed, or exempt. We provide more information on the investment opportunities it represents once you are qualified. Prior results are not a guarantee of future results. Any potential customer should carefully consider their own investment objectives and never rely on any single chart, graph or marketing piece to make decisions. Wright Capital is not a broker-dealer and does not offer tax or legal advice. Please consult your tax adviser or legal counsel for assistance with your specific needs.


Ph. D. Studies
Lund University School of Economics and Management
1997 - 1998
Too boring for me-used my National Merit Scholarhsip to transfer to UVM
Cornell University
Year Abroad on a National Merit Scholarship
The American University of Paris
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
University of Colorado Boulder
University of Vermont