Jason Hollis

Location Los Angeles

Tireless producer helping the music industry shape current and future talent. A&R, Founder of Punk Aristocrats and creatively advising brands, media companies and entrepreneurs develop branded content

A&R Manager Influencer Music Executive
15 Projects

Work History

Director of Music
Mad Minds Entertainment
Oct 2018 – Present
Greater Los Angeles Area
• Strategically and creatively connect the US and Asia music markets • Actively formulate brand-centric content, platform interface, marketing tactics, and media strategies by keeping abreast with the evolving trends • Exemplary formulation of innovative yet original concepts and approaches • Spearhead various projects from inception to detailed implementation
Artist Development Specialist
Punk Aristocrats
2007 – Present
Greater Los Angeles Area
• Oversee and keep track of the brand development, content creation, music framework and artist releases ensuring visibility in the competitive market • Supervise the curation and programming of Punk Aristocrats Radio 1 coupled with executing tactics to boost the pin-pointed demographics and audience with a 25K+ listening hours per week and average listeners' time of 22mins per user • Create and foster social media marketing tactics, brand voicing, tone and imaging • Configure and implement practical marketing techniques dedicated to increasing the social media followers averaging 4000+ unique users per week • Music Produce and Artist Development
Brand Specialist
Punk Aristocrats
Mar 2015 – Present
Greater Los Angeles Area
· Evaluate the brand image holistically seeking strong points and market advantages while identifying areas for improvement · Administer actionable solutions and general marketing expertise to connect the brand to the target audience interactively · Successfully elevated the image of leading brands such as Levi's Australia and New Zealand, Sony Music/Global Touch Partners, Universal Music Australia, Boost Mobile, Samsung Galaxy, EuroPlay Capital Investors, and Now! Media Group … see more
Artist Management Specialist
Punk Aristocrats
Jan 2002 – May 2007
Los Angeles, California
· Adequately managed the Nashville based band, "The Pink Spiders," creating significant exposures to achieve the market edge · Achieved one of the highest major label signings of the 21st century through the execution of proactive management strategies · Instituted innovative techniques in supervising three albums, closing and generating a multi-million dollar Geffen record deal · Negotiated a six-figure publishing deal with Sony Music Publishing acquired by utilizing persuasive communications abilities · Established the integral cooperation between the T-Mobile company and The Pink Spiders known as the "Pink Razor" brand deal … see more
Talent Producer
Ryan Seacrest Productions
Mar 2017 – Jul 2018
Los Angeles, California
• Worked intensively with top artists such as Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Charlie Puth, Back Street Boys, Flo Ride, and Jason Derulo • Employed best practices to ensure the fluid operations of each program while pitching in ideas for the upgrade of the recording • Booked talents and develop a relationship by guaranteeing all necessities of the talent for the l recording are properly addressed
Director of Music
Grace - A Storytelling Company
Mar 2016 – Mar 2017
Greater Los Angeles Area
· Worked with top artists such as Stevie Wonder, Devo, Smokey Robinsons, Lionel Richie, 5 Seconds of Summer, Eddie Vedder, Sia, and Becky G; facilitate production with notable producers like Don Was, Ed · · Cherney, Bob Mothersbaugh, and Harvey Mason · Directed the music from script to studio recording session while spearheading the intensive talent identity and casting · Supported the objective of introducing the music of Motown Magic ( a Netflix Original ) to a new generation of listeners · Proactively administered incomparable expertise in musicality by directing the music of 32 original episodes of the animated series
Music Consultant
Endemol Shine Group
May 2014 – Mar 2016
Greater Los Angeles Area
· Provided actionable advice and ideas to improve the musical aspects of developing projects and music-based original concepts · Developed caliber musical tags and branding techniques, ensuring a great impact and influence with the target audience · Facilitated the sound direction of Endemol Shine Jingle considering the objectives of the company for a reputable image
Content Development
Ryan Seacrest Productions
Feb 2015 – 2016
Los Angeles, California
• Fostered integral cooperation with Ryan Seacrest Production on branded content management and media development • Devised company's content strategy while fulfilling the technical aspects as well such as basic Search Engine Optimization • Developed easy to understand contents complying with the company's objective and the nature of the target audience
A&R Cosultant
Universal Music Group
Jun 2005 – Sep 2011
Greater Los Angeles Area
• Established outstanding expertise in the branding industry leading to a collaboration with the President of Geffen Records • Managed with passion the discovery, reinventing, branding and packaging of new talents through the first look and imprint options
Brand Development Specialist
The Infinite Monkey Theorem. An Urban Winery.
Apr 2008 – Jul 2010
· Upgraded the brand image of the first urban winery in the US by evaluating market data and trends to develop marketing plans · Ensured remarkable branding strategies coupled with conscientious implementation leading to an award-winning Interactive Design
Brand Development Specialist
William Rast
Jun 2008 – Jul 2009
Los Angeles
• Determined the brand image and tone by developing and implementing brand initiatives, voicing and marketing strategies • Actively promoted products and organized brand launching dedicated to penetrate the fashion industry and promote sales growth
Creative Consultant
Star Trak Entertainment
Sep 2008 – May 2009
Greater Los Angeles Area
• Configured and implemented highly effective marketing tactics based on consumer trends and the company's target market • Spearheaded the product campaigns complying to organizational goals to increase profit margins and broaden brand visibility
Music Consultant
Europlay Capital Advisors, LLC
2007 – 2009
• Highly effective music entertainment manager specializing in large-scale event coordination, enhancing business productivity and optimizing brand image and awareness • Offering an array of skills in efficient resource allocation, cross-functional collaboration, trend analysis, building and maintaining sales pipelines, performance analysis, vendor management, growth opportunities and stakeholder engagement
Artist Development Specialist
Jason Hollis Self-employed
Nov 2002 – Aug 2005
• The Fray • Rose Hill Drive
1995 – 1998
Greater Nashville Area, TN
Work oder the direction of Tony Brown, Frank Liddell and Travis Hill


Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching
2009 – 2011
Bachelor of Applied Science - BASc
SAE Institute of Technology-Nashville