Kaylee Boyer

Location New York

Freelance Creative

Creative Director Visual Artist Fashion Stylist
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Sales Representative
Apr 2019 - Present
Freelance Creative Consultant / Art, Fashion, Lifestyle, Interior to unique pop-ups / Sales and love or Vasayo!!! Incredible CBD products!!!
Owner/Creative Director Yoga Teacher/Personality
Jan 2014 - Present
International apon request
Boom Flow Lifestyle Boom flow Lifestyle aims to merge the gap between yoga, art and fashion under the umbrella of general creative wellbeing. Our aim is not to enforce a militant view of yoga, but rather to embrace the diverse ways in which yoga can enhance ones general lifestyle. We believe that yoga should be shared and celebrated to all different forms of creative individuals not leaving anyone behind. Our mission is to shine light on the black holes that hinder our natural flow to connect us to one another and ourselves. We do not seek to be singular but rather seek the connections that bind us. Through our movement, not only do we promise to enrich your life, but also to be with you every step of that journey. We understand and acknowledge that we are all on the same path of learning. From beginners to advance students, we are all striving for enlightenment.
Creative Director
Runa Ray
Feb 2016
Fashion Week Presentation Feb 14 2016
Creative Director / Stylist for Runa Ray's very first Fashion Weekend in NYC. Please msg me if you love to see photos & get more details. We stole Fashion Week. ;)
Lifestyle Blogger / Trend Setter / Model
Elle Girl Japan
2009 - Jan 2012
Muse/ Creative Director / Artist
James Rizzi
2009 - 2012
Barneys New York
Personal Shopper
May 2008 - Feb 2009


Parsons School of Design
2009 - 2009