Morty Coyle

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DJ for Money, Singer/Songwriter in All Day Sucker for Love

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DJ Morty Coyle
DJ Morty
1999 - Present
Hollywood, Ca
This town is full of DJs and I don't blame you for being confused while planning your event. It seems like everywhere you turn there is a kid who says he's a DJ and knows what you want. Then you hire him and you and your guests are subjected to typical modern club dance music played far too loud. I am the DJ for you. I have been DJing for 15 years and have been a working musician for almost 30 years. I have DJed at nearly every popular club in Hollywood and have done hundreds of parties and private events including events for far too many celebrities and corporate entities to list here without it appearing to be bragging. I have also appeared with and opened for many popular musical artists at many popular venues. While I do and can play any genre of dance music including Top 40, House, Hip Hop and Party Bangers what I am most well-known for is my knowledge and skill at mixing classic (and often new) Rock n' Roll, '70s and '80s. If you want the club DJ experience but you don't want to have to listen to contemporary music that you don't relate to or like much then I am your DJ. If you are turning 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 and want music unique and specific to your era I am your DJ. If you want to have a '50s Sock Hop or a '60s "Love-In" or a 70s Disco or an '80s "Prom" or a '90s "School Dance" I am your DJ. If you are getting married and want your wedding reception to reflect your partner's and your musical tastes (and something more unique than a DJ that plays "the Chicken Dance" and "YMCA") then I am your DJ. My rates are flexible and competitive and as I am a professional I charge what I am worth. I am not the DJ to contact for $150.00 parties or "trade for publicity" events or "promote for a percentage of the door" clubs. Keep searching and you will find someone to service you. However if I sound like the perfect fit then I hope to be the first and last DJ you need to call to have your needs met in abundance.
All Day Sucker
Apr 1986 - Present
the other guy
All Day Sucker
1999 - 2010


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