Veit Renn

Location Miami


Musician Record Producer Songwriter
5 Projects

Work History

Course Director
Full Sail University
Mar 2012 - Present
Winter Park
Advanced Audio Production Techniques is an online course in the Music Production Bachelor of Science Program.
Jan 2014 - Present
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Independent Distributor
Organo Gold Independent Distributor
Jan 2013 - Present
Sorrento, FL
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Independent Music Producer
Jan 1993 - Present
Successfully arranged and produced records for many top acts. Conducted and arranged string orchestras, hired musicians, arranged, recorded and edited vocals. Specialized in integrating DAW's with Analog Equipment Helped develop artist in all areas of their careers (NSync, Backstreet Boys and many others) Produced and composed music for TV and other licensing clients
Producer, Label Owner, Marketer
Jan 2005 - Present
Produced, marketed, promoted and distributed music and artists in different genres Built and designed websites and web presence using a variety of web development and graphic programs Developed business and marketing plan
Vocal Editor/Business Owner
Jan 2007 - Present
Developed website and marketing plan for business Built and designed website and web presence using a variety of web development and graphic programs Developed specialized skill set and techniques for editing vocals using a variety of editing programs Instructed others on special techniques
Dec 2011 - May 2013
Lake Mary, FL
I'm starting a new educational website with my partner Beck Dunn. First view Videos that will be available are about "Preventing HIV" and "Domestic Violence". We appreciate all your support in advance.
Universal Music Group
1994 - Jan 2013
Wrote many hits for NSync, Backstreet Boys and Needle Drop music for FirstCom
President-Operations/Studio Mgr./Owner
Jun 2000 - Jan 2010
Managed day-to-day operations of businesses including all aspects such as staffing, customer service, payroll, accounting, marketing and special events. Supervised employee staff and contract workers. Design and operate a multi room facility Recorded and mixed music in almost all genres and styles. Worked with national record companies such as Universal, Motown, Island Def Jam, Atlantic Records and Renn Music artists (i.e. Jennifer Hudson, Backstreet Boys, and N'Sync) to market not only music production of said groups but also RMP Recording Studio bookings, recording sessions, handling all details of the recording project. (family-owned business) Worked closely with attorneys in negotiating contracts and other business related affairs.
Independent Distribution Agent
Jan 2005 - 2010
and distribute health and wellness product. Internet distribution company. 200 member customer base. Conducted internet advertising, customer trade shows.
Vice President/Owner
RMP Studios
2000 - 2010
2005 - 2007
Atlantic Records
1995 - 2001


Berklee College of Music
1990 - 1993
Full Sail University